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The first federal NGO dedicated to promoting and protecting the online human rights of all Australians. 

> Our Mission


> Freedom of Information

To inspire all Australians to connect with each other online equally, inclusively and with respect for the inherent dignity of all members of humanity. 



We are dedicated to promoting diversity and ensuring that all Australians are able to access the Internet equally, safely and as freely as possible.



Our online rights are no different to our offline rights. We encourage everyone to use the Internet in a way that respects all human beings’ inherent rights to equality and dignity.



We stand for the ethical freedom of information, because we believe that access to information is a cornerstone of healthy, inclusive and democratic knowledge societies.

> Code of Conduct

Online Code of Conduct

In the rapidly evolving realm of the Internet and social media – which we rely on to conduct our lives on a daily basis – navigating online human rights and ensuring they are protected can be challenging.


> The Vision

JustSociale exists to promote awareness of human rights online and to prevent and control harmful behaviour online in Australia. Our vision is to ensure that the Internet is universally accessible, inclusive and safe, so that diverse Australians can use it for connection with each other, and the global community. 

> Your Rights

We get it! Navigating the various user rights, user agreements and other similar rights agreements with platforms and apps can be confusing for the best of us – and they can be challenging to keep up with. That’s why we, at JustSociale, are here to provide you with some guidelines that relate to both human rights law, and the rights charters of a number of the major technology platforms that many Australians use on a daily basis.


of 18-29 year olds check social media at least once per day


of Australians want to know how their information is being accessed.


of Australians use social media


of people have felt excited when their posts receive more likes than usual.


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