Simple Tips To Feel Self-Empowered Online

At JustSociale, we want to help you take back to the tech, to be able to navigate the digital world confidently and safely. Here are our top tips to help you feel empowered online.

Image of woman holding a smart phone and a laptop at the same time.

Be aware of your online human rights

Did you know that your online human rights are no different to your offline human rights? No matter what digital platform you are using, you deserve to be treated equally, and with dignity and respect. In fact, any violation of this is an offence. If you want to know more, we encourage you to read the rights charters of the different platforms you are using. You can find these in a handy resource centre on our website here

Be mindful of privacy

Think carefully about monitoring your privacy settings. Remember that everything you share online stays online forever, so if you share personal information, consider how it may be perceived and impact your reputation or level of safety. 

Report unwanted behaviour

If you have been abused or harassed online, you have the right to take action – swiftly. If you feel threatened, in danger or concerned about the way someone is interacting with you online, we strongly encourage you to document their messages or interaction (for example, by screenshotting their posts or messages), and then block them and report them immediately via the platform that they are interacting with you on.

Each online platform also has mechanisms in place for reporting unacceptable, abusive or harmful content. 

Unplug regularly

Keep an eye on your screen time – because while we at JustSociale love to connect online, we also promote a healthy tech / life balance. Many adults spend on average 11 hours of their day looking at their screens. Whilst there are no specific guidelines provided by the World Health Organisation concerning the amount of screen time that is recommended for adults, at JustSociale we believe the goal is finding a balance between screen-based and non-screen activities. 

Be a good Digital Citizen

Digital citizenship, a concept endorsed by UNESCO, is a term that describes how a person should act while using digital technology online.

At JustSociale, we believe and encourage everyone to act responsibly when using the Internet and communications technologies, including computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets. Being a good digital citizen includes being aware of certain aspects of your online activities. How do you know if you are being a good digital citizen? Start by asking yourself if you’re treating others the way you would want to be treated online.

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