5 Ways to be Resilient Online

Most of us connect with people online in some way. Facebook or Snapchat, for example, can be great places to connect and make new friends. I’ve found it useful in connecting with other people in the LGBTIQA+ community. The Internet can also be a not so great place, however, with some people taking their dislike of not only LGBTIQA+ people but of all people to a level that is unwarranted or takes the form of bullying or harassment. So here are my five key tips to staying resilient online:

1.  Self-awareness

Always be self-aware of your own emotions, mindset and physical being when online as this can play a huge part in whether you engage with people in a positive way, disengage with people or over-react to what people say to you when they don’t mean any harm at all or are just joking.

2. Be prepared

Decide, before you go online, if you are going to engage with others so you are mentally prepared for anything that comes your way – especially if it ends up being a negative or challenging experience.

3. Speak how you’d like to be spoken to

Act with integrity online so that if a conversation turns into a debate or worse, then you know when to stop it.  

4. Remove yourself from the conversation

If you are being bullied online, have the courage to call it out and stop engaging with that person who is bullying you. Just say to yourself I am good enough then simply remove yourself from the conversation and block them on social media.

5. Just breathe!

Remember to breathe and let go of anything nasty said about you online – don’t hold onto any anger or negative emotions. Get back to being positive and remember to take a break from being online.

There are so many facets to being able to survive the jungle of the online world. Take some time to up-skill and remember, most importantly, at the end of the day it is up to YOU as to how you use the online world.

By Melissa Griffiths, JustSociale Board Member

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