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Our plan is to promote awareness of and to protect the online human rights of all Australians. And by getting involved in our cause, you can contribute to this and support us in maintaining our momentum.

By getting involved in our organisation, you can ensure we:

  • Work collectively with members of all sectors of society to inspire all Australians to connect with each other online equally, inclusively and with respect for the inherent dignity of all members of humanity. 

  • Build long-term support for solutions, so that the Internet is universally accessible, inclusive and safe, and so that diverse Australians can use it for connection with each other, and the global community. 

  • Raise the voices of our Alliance members and community, and have your say in the media, by keeping innovative ideas and human stories at the forefront.

    Thank you for showing your support for our cause!

    We truly value your interest. So that we can best serve you as a member of our community, we’ve created a short 2 minute survey and would love to hear your thoughts.

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