How to Monitor Misinformation… With Regina Huber

We spoke with multicultural transformational leadership coach, consultant and JustSociale Board Member, Regina Huber, about how she gets the most out of her time spent online – and what others can do to use tech with a critical eye and watch out for (mis)information.

What is your social media mantra?

Freedom of speech & expression.

How do you achieve tech-life balance?

Dancing and airplane mode.

What makes you most excited about the Internet and social media?

That lots of new platforms are arising.

What are your top tip/s for being a good digital citizen?

Do your own research rather than consuming information. Look at not only multiple but diverse sources, watch all the (mis)information with a critical eye, then shape your own opinion. Open your mind as you look beyond your “typical” news sources. Include information, studies and views by real experts in your research.

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