Meet our CEO and Founder, Sarah Liberty in this video.

Sarah is a human rights advocate, intersectional feminist, UN Women #GenerationEquality Ambassador and global citizen who has worked in London, New York, Paris, Jogjakarta and Sydney in senior NGO roles. 

Sarah is courageously defiant, diplomatic optimist, but life hasn’t always been easy. 

She is a survivor of gender-based violence, homelessness, anxiety and lost a best friend to suicide, and speaks forthrightly about this in the media both in Australia and internationally. 

Her #FeministFriday Podcast reaches 42 countries, and she is dedicated to engaging with diverse people.

With a Masters in International Relations, Sarah knows human rights & humanitarian law, Internet governance – and how they relate to today’s news. 

Need insights into human rights, digital trends, gender equality or mental health? Sarah is available now to speak at events, participate in panelist opportunities and media interviews or provide expert comments or opinion pieces. 

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