<Our Mission>

> Our Vision

JustSociale exists to promote awareness of human rights online and to prevent and control harmful behaviour online in Australia. Our vision is to ensure that the Internet is universally accessible, inclusive and safe, so that diverse Australians can use it for connection with each other, and the global community. 

> Our Goals 

National Alliance

Establish a national alliance of partners working in the online realm who are dedicated to working collectively in order to promote online human rights of all Australians in a way that is systematic, amplifies their voices, and promotes positive digital citizenship. 

Online Code of Conduct

Develop Australia’s first collectively created Online Code of Conduct for all Australians, which our Alliance members can become signatories to.

Promote Awareness

Produce contemporary, accessible communications and educational resources for diverse Australians that promote awareness of key issues in the online space via the media, our communications channels and through educational activities. 

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