World Internet Day: A Time for Meta Announcements

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of the Meta rebranding has made a splash on World Internet Day and reveals strong expansionism.

Meanwhile, the Australian Federal Government has also today revealed draft legislation to try to restrict access to social media accounts by under 16 year olds without parental permission. 

These revelations come at a time when JustSociale announces the results of a poll that show Australian’s to be under-educated about their online human rights.

At JustSociale, we are calling for greater action to be taken to educate Australians about their online rights, in a move that coincides with World Internet Day. In an event held in Sydney’s Martin Place, I shared the results of a national poll JustSociale has conducted of over 300 Australians. 

We are passionate about helping Australians to feel self-empowered when it comes to knowing what their online human rights are – which are no different to their offline human rights, as declared by the UNHRC in 2012. This is why over the past few months we have been researching this. We’ve polled over 300 Australians and asked them the simple question ‘Do you know what your online human rights are?’.

Nearly 90% of Australians – a staggering 87% of those JustSociale has polled, are not aware of what their online human rights are. 

In fact, many Australians don’t even know that they have online human rights.

At JustSociale, we believe much more needs to be done to educate Australians about what their online rights are, to prevent harm from occurring via the Internet and social media. 

We are dedicated to turning the results of our poll around, so that all Australians can enjoy the Internet as freely, safely and inclusively as possible.

To take action around the concerning statistics and to help promote greater awareness of people’s online human rights, we have launched Australia’s first Online Code of Conduct. The code is rapidly gaining momentum with voluntary signatories from the private, public and nonprofit sectors.

We look forward to taking our own meta campaign forward, and to working collectively with both tech giants and the government to ensure that the virtual world of the future is one that all can enjoy equally.

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