Using the Internet to Connect & Give Everyone a Voice… With Arianne Ritz

We spoke with Ari Ritz, co-founder of ARNA Online – an online retail business selling women’s work and laptop bags, with a purpose-driven mission to help women make bold decisions – about getting the most out of the online realm. This is what she had to say:

Ari pictured with sister and ARNA co-founder, Natasha Ritz

What is your social media mantra?

Remember that social is a highlight reel.

How do you achieve tech-life balance?

I try not to look at my phone during the day while I am working, and I have a rule where no phones are allowed during meals – this is a time to connect with family and friends.

What concerns you about social media and the internet?

Fake news! Also, how do you raise your kids to be tech natives but make sure they are not exposed to things that will harm them?

What excites you about social media and the internet?

I love how it connects you to family and friends across the world. I think it creates so many opportunities for people in business.

What steps are you / your company taking to practice good digital citizenship?

On our website and across our social we show a diverse group of women and share diverse stories. We want to make sure we create space for everyone to have a voice. Our content is positive and uplifting as our vision is to re-shape stories women see and tell about themselves.

Your favourite website or app?

Shopify is a great app; it is how we run our retail business. I get order alerts on my phone and I can see traffic and analytics in real-time. Shopify makes e-commerce accessible to everyone.

ARNA Online is a member of the JustSociale Alliance – a collective of social entrepreneurs, creatives, civil society actors, technology platforms, media outlets, activists, private businesses and members of diverse communities who are passionate about making  the Internet universally accessible and inclusive. To become a member, click here.

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